Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Tempdb is skipped. You cannot run a query that requires Tempdb

tempdb is skipped. You cannot run a query that requires tempdb

You Might have applied a patch that required the database server to be rebooted during a scheduled outage. The application on the web server might have connections cached to the database, which were invalid at that point. In the .Net implementation of connections, they only support the statuses Open and Closed, and Broken . So it boils down to the connection trying to use resources that are no longer there, but that doesn't explain this specific message. 

Solution: At this point the solution is to restart IIS/Reboot the box. 
To restart IIS using IIS Manager
1. In IIS Manager, right click the local computer, point to All Tasks, then click Restart IIS.
2. In the What do you want IIS to do list, click Restart Internet Services on computer name.
3. IIS attempts to stop all services before restarting. IIS waits up to five minutes for all services to stop. If the services cannotbe stopped within five minutes, all IIS services are terminated, and IIS restarts. In addition, clicking End now forces all IIS services to stop immediately, and IIS is restarted.

What is IIS?

Definition - What does Internet Information Services (IIS) mean?

Internet Information Services (IIS), formerly known as Internet Information Server, is a web server producted by Microsoft. IIS is used with Microsoft Windows OSs and is the Microsoft-centric competition to Apache, the most popular webserver used with Unix/Linux-based systems.
Techopedia explains Internet Information Services (IIS)

IIS was initially released for Windows NT and, along with ASP (Active-Server Pages), finally made a Windows-box a usable alternative for web-hosting. That being said, it was also noted for being completely wide-open out of the box and required significant configuration to be made secure. 

This changed with later releases, and IIS is now generally considered by many to be a stable and usable product. As of 2011, the most current version is IIS 7, which includes pretty much all modern features you'd expect to see in a webserver, including tight integration to ASP.NET. Though, as with any Microsoft vs Linux debate, some would argue that Apache is the only way to go.

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