Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Is it is possible to Limit the number of ErrorLog Files in SQL Server

Identify SQL Server Error Log File used by SQL Server Database Engine by Reading SQL Server Error Logs


Is it possible to limit the number of errorlog files less then 6 ?

Nope. Minimum number to configure is 6. We can delete all the archived errorlog files from server if we want but  ensure they are not required for auditing purposes and such.

we can set it to 6 and then create a scheduled job that simply calls
EXEC sp_cycle_errorlog

The more often we run this, the smaller error log files will have and will keep it to 6 error log files.

 clean up message by reviewing what messages are appearing. For example if it is "successful backup" messages you can enable trace flag 3226 globally for that instance and this will suppress those messages from being written all the time. Outside of that it is up to us to determine what is writing the message and figure out how to clean that up. An example of this that is most common is "failed login" messages for rogue service or application on a remote server.pplication on a remote server.

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