Monday, October 20, 2014

Script to find SQL Server Engine Edition

Finding SQL Server EngineEdition:


Database Engine edition of the instance of SQL Server installed on the server.
1 = Personal or Desktop Engine (Not available in SQL Server 2005 and later versions.)
2 = Standard (This is returned for Standard, Web, and Business Intelligence.)
3 = Enterprise (This is returned for Evaluation, Developer, and both Enterprise editions.)
4 = Express (This is returned for Express, Express with Tools and Express with Advanced Services)
5 = SQL Database


The EngineEdition property returns a value of 2 through 5

Value 1: 1 isn’t a valid value in versions after SQL Server 2000,

Value 2: If value is 2, edition is either Standard, Web, or Business Intelligence, and fewer features are available. The features in Enterprise edition (as well as in Developer and Enterprise Evaluation editions) that aren’t in Standard edition generally relate to scalability and high-availability features, but other Enterprise-only features are available

Value 3: A value of 3 indicates that SQL Server edition is either Enterprise, Enterprise Evaluation, or Developer. These three editions have exactly the same features and functionality.

Value 4: A value of 4 for EngineEdition indicates that your SQL Server edition is Express, which includes SQL Server Express, SQL Server Express with Advanced Services, and SQL Server Express with Tools.

Value 5: Value of 5 for EngineEdition indicates that SQL Azure, a version of SQL Server that runs as a cloud-based service. Although many SQL Server applications can access SQL Azure with only minimum modifications because the language features are very similar between SQL Azure and a locally installed SQL Server.

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