Thursday, September 18, 2014

List of services started automatically by Windows that you could consider stopping

# DHCP Client: On most servers, IP addresses are fixed and DHCP is not needed.

#DNS Client: This caches DNS names locally.

#Network Location Awareness: This collects and stores the configuration information
for the network and notifies the programs when this information is modified. You can't
disable it unless you use the Windows 2008 Advanced Firewall.

#Print Spooler: This loads the files to the memory for printing later. It can be disabled
if you don't print from the server.

#Windows Error Reporting Service: This allows errors to be reported when programs
stop working or responding, and allows existing solutions to be delivered. It can safely
be disabled.

#Windows Firewall: You can disable this service, if you are using a network firewall.

#Shell Hardware Detection: This activates AutoPlay for removable devices.
On Windows Server 2008 R2, this service stops when nobody is logged in,

to minimize risks. You can disable it.

Reference: Microsoft SQL Server 2012 Security

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